Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Freedom Watch Cancelled - Could This Be an Opening for Judge Napolitano as Ron Paul's Running mate?

In an interesting turn of events, Judge Andrew Napolitano's show, FreedomWatch, has recently been canceled by Fox new.  The show primarily targeted and was enjoyed by freedom advocates and Teaparty Conservatives, many of whom are Ron Paul supporters.  The show's pro-freedom and liberty movement stance played cadence to support of Dr. Ron Paul as he was talked about, featured in segments and conversation and interviewed many times during the show's last year.   

With great prime time ratings the show's abrupt halt came as something of a shock to many of it's avid viewers.  This has many viewers wondering what is the real story behind the cancellation?  Was Judge Napolitano's voice of freedom being stomped out by the empowered "establishment", does Fox simply have a better lineup on the way or are their bigger plans in store for the Judge.

Outraged by the cancellation, many of the show's fans and Dr. Paul supporters wrote Fox News in to discourage and reverse their decision.  In a recent Facebook post by Judge Napolitano, he ask his supporters to stop sending emails to Fox. More particularly, he briefly talks about the cancellation by saying "Two of my former shows have been cancelled, and after each cancellation, Fox has rewarded me with more and better work. This cancellation--along with others that accompanied it--was the result of a business judgment here, and is completely unrelated to the FreedomWatch message."  

This post raised many eyebrows as Fox doesn't seem like as much of the bad guy with the Judge telling everyone to back off.  Could the Judge be hinting at bigger opportunities?  With the show's ending and Ron Paul's continuous increase in Delegate count could this lead way to a Judge Napolitano Vice President nominee announcement down the road?  Few know the truth, but the weeks ahead may indeed hold the truth for us all.

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  1. I hope this happens!!! Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!